All about metal

All about Metall

    Metal clothing tends to be quite unusual and is usually considered experimental or avant-garde in the fashion world. It is made of metal materials or fabrics and creates an aesthetic look. Here are some examples of metal clothing items:

    1. Metallic Skirts and Dresses: These pieces are made of metal plates or rings connected together. They reflect light and give a futuristic or glamorous look when worn.
    1. Chain mail or tops: Chain mail is a historical piece of armor consisting of metal rings linked together. Although they were originally used as protective clothing, they can now be found in fashion as eye-catching pieces.
    1. Metallic Accessories: Metal can come in the form of accessories such as rings, bangles and necklaces. In the fetish scene, these accessories often underline personal inclinations.

    Metallic clothing can now be found on catwalks and in avant-garde fashion designs.