Whips multiplication tables

Are you new to the world of BDSM or whipping and want to know the best way to start? From warm-up to different degrees of hardness - we will show you with a small selection how you can venture into this great world.

Step 1 - Warm up

A proper warm-up is the be-all and end-all of flogging!
In order to warm up and prepare the areas to be whipped, it is advisable to start with a so-called flogger . A flogger is also often referred to as a belt whip .

To the flogger

Step 2 - Tough but fair

Whether gentle caresses or hot blows - passion blazes with a whip ! The imagination knows no limits!

To the crop

Step 3 - Extreme Pain, Extreme Fun

Not for the faint hearted or sensitive to pain! The one-tailed leather whip has it all! Perfect for any rigorous chamber and not for beginners.

To the one-tailed leather whip

Happy whipping!

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