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Chastity Cage Penis Cage

Chastity Cage Penis Cage

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• Stainless steel penis cage.
• For chastity: It's guaranteed not to get hard.
• With 3 different rings: always fits perfectly.
• Includes lock: With 2 keys to keep out of reach of slaves.
• Scope of delivery: 1 x You2Toys Chastity Cage penis cage. Including lock with 2 keys.

How do I use the penis cage?
Using this penis cage is super easy for even the simplest of slaves! One of the matching rings is placed over the penis and testicles. The cage then comes over the penis and is secured with the lock. A sure thing!

What is special about this penis cage?
This penis cage makes keeping your slave chaste a real dream! It always sits securely, as 3 rings of different sizes are included, ensuring a perfect fit for every penis. The enclosed lock is also very important, which you can always lock securely with 2 keys and thus have uninterrupted control over what your slave is allowed to do and what not. Trust is good, control is better!

How do I clean the penis cage?
You simply clean the penis cage with some warm water and mild soap. If you prefer a particularly thorough cleaning, we recommend using a toy cleaner. It is best to disinfect it before and after use with a disinfectant spray and dry it before you put it away.

What do I have to consider with the penis cage?
The penis cage has a hole to let urine escape. Nevertheless, you should always give your slave a break after a few hours to ensure personal hygiene.

Total length 9.5 cm, insertion depth 7.2 cm, Ø 3.6 cm, ring 1 Ø 3.8 cm, ring 2 Ø 4.3 cm, ring 3 Ø 4.8 cm. Stainless steel.

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