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men's corset

men's corset

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If you want to accentuate your waist a bit or just want to add an eye-catching accessory to your latex outfit, this bodice is perfect. Made from heavyweight latex on the front and back that really flatters your figure. The sides are 1mm thick latex which gives this wide belt some stretch. Metal rivets reinforce the dividing seams. This rubber corset can be opened completely at the front thanks to the high-quality metal buckles. The buckle straps are cut from thick latex. The back laces up through 10 metal grommets on each side, allowing for even further customization. This belt is a great accessory as it can be worn alone or layered over tops and pants or a catsuit.


Tightening: Open the buckles fully. Completely untie and untie the back lacing. Hold the bodice around your waist and buckle the buckles in front first before lacing tight in the back.

To take it off: first loosen the lacing at the back, then open the buckles at the front. Opening or closing all the buckles completely at once when the lacing is already tight can damage the buckles or the buckle straps because the lacing puts too much stress on them.

This is a waist cincher, not a corset. It constricts the waist a bit, but doesn't reduce the waist size as much as a corset.

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