All about glitz and glamour

All about Glitz und Glamour
Clothing for glitz and glamor is extravagant, eye-catching, full of elegance and sexy at the same time. What makes these clothes so special?

  • Sequins and rhinestones: Garments with sparkling details such as sequins, rhinestones or glitter give them that special glamor.
  • Shimmering fabrics: Satin, silk or metallic fabrics are popular for glamorous outfits. They reflect light and give a luxurious shine.
  • Elegant cuts: Dresses with figure-hugging cuts, asymmetrical lines or flowing silhouettes are often part of a glamorous look.
  • High quality: High quality fabrics and workmanship are crucial to achieve an elegant look. Fine details such as embroidery, lace or elaborate embellishments can add to the glamour.
  • Fascinating accessories: Shiny jewelry such as a large, elegant harness, shiny stainless steel/gold or clutches can complete the outfit.
  • Classic elements: Sometimes glamorous clothing also includes classic designs such as long evening dresses, tuxedos or elegant suits that exude timeless elegance. Clothing with brocade elements can also often be found here.
  • High heels: Stilettos or shoes with shiny details are often an essential part of a glamorous ensemble, and not just for women.
The most important thing is that dressing for glitz and glamor makes you feel confident and radiant - it's about feeling good in your own skin and exuding that little something extra.